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Let Classical Music Rob your Quiet! Antonín Dvořák in the Focus

Join me in the parade of beautiful classical music that will make your emotions dance! Let us together disturb the silence with joyful, sad, happy, romantic or menacing, inquisitive, soothing or alarming music, ready just for you.

We will see and hear excellent transforming performances from the leading world orchestras, we will present fascinating facts, anecdotes, philosophies, influences and characterizations of the second half of the 19. century music, especially about Antonín Dvořák and his American stay.

Classical music ruffles my emotions and I willingly give in. I listen, I absorb and unleash the startled imagination to join my colorful feelings in their somersaulting. They drag me along, they lift me, pull, tickle, dab, stretch, soothe, they quicken my heart. And I become a happy victim of the carnival of emotions caused by classical music; it feels good. My mood changes and I feel light and optimistic whenever classical music robs my quiet.

Join me to feel the same!!

Point Loma Assembly, 3035 Talbot Street, S.D. 92106; Thursday August 25, 2016, doors open at 6 PM. Light refreshment available. $10. Info at 619-788-7428

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