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Children Celebrated Kindness, Friendship and Love with St. Nicholas & Company! Point Loma Hall w

And so that is what we do: We celebrate all of the most precious things that our legends, history, mythology or fairy tales teach us: If you are kind and caring, honest and diligent, you will always, always find happiness. And if someone cheat on you while you are honest, if someone betrays you while you are loyal, if someone uses you, while you are trusting, then, no matter how it hurts, it is not your problem, but a problem of those sad people who betrayed…

One of the most wonderful historical figure teaching us values we respect is a kind bishop from 400 AD, St. Nicholas. He offered and example of kindness, love and — sense of humor. He preached and lived modesty, empathy, generosity and good will. We love him in the old continent and there are more churches in Europe in the name of St. Nicholas (svatý Mikuláš), especially then in the Czech Republic, than you can ever count! The admiration of him transcended the ocean as he became a patron of New York City!

Every year, he is celebrated on December 5, the day before the mark of his death, December 6, AD 343. That day he visits children with an angel and a good-hearted devil (good and evil representation) and asks about the children’s well-behaving. He offers sweets to the good ones, a kind preaching to the naughty ones who would find in the package a potato or a piece of coal as a warning. In order to receive the package, you have to sing a song or recite a poem!

If you are interested in his fascinating story and history of his celebration, please, read my previous blog here from December 16, 2015!

And so, these wonderful photos from our St. Nicholas party will unfold for you a story of our festive

celebration. It was special as most of the performing was done by our intrepid talented children! You name it! Singing, reciting poems, dancing, playing violin, piano, saxophone, guitar, acting in small plays and happily caroling while playing Orff’s instruments — they did it all happily and skillfully!

Upon your leaving the party, there are melodies of many carols dancing in your head, you learned of Little Jesus birth from a story acted out by the children, you learned why Chinese moms give short names to their children, you saw traditional Czech dances, traditional songs and poems, and the highlight of the evening program was a classical trio that helped us celebrate with a wonderful Christmas music played on violin, flute and bassoon. (Anna Skalova, violin, SD Symphony, Rose Lombardo, flute, SD Symphony, Todd Gibson-Cornish bassoon, Sydney Symphony).

And at the end, finally, finally they are here —St. Nicholas, angel and a good-hearted devil!!

What a beautiful evening, what an enormous talent the children carry around, what a wonderful job our parents do by keeping tradition alive and raising their children in a bi- linguistic and bi-cultural tradition!

Merry Christmas to you all, my friends! Thank you for finding a minute or two to read my writings, I do it with passion dictated by beautiful moment of our beautiful life.

To happiness! To harmony! To understanding! To peace! To love!