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Poe Street Band for Kids; Children's Giggle Makes for All of the Trouble in the World

The music is grand (!) and the costumes posh, the food is fine, wine select, beer of the best, cakes of the finest and audience and well WELL behaved children the cream of the top....And I am in my element, bossing with love all of the cute wide-eyed children around as we do a dance, as we do the contests. as we play many games....And they follow me around....because I have also all of those prizes!!!

.Children! Not burdened with any agenda but sincerity and a wish to succeed, a wish to be liked, a wish to be praised, to be noticed, to be acknowledged..... and I have always loved to tease that competitive and creative streak in them.

And so, for the last 18 years I have been playing with the children of our greater community for one selfish reason: it makes me happy, fulfilled and it brings me pure energy that only children can spread around. My kids are bigger now, teenagers, but they have never outgrown their mom's love for children in general, and they follow me on, and willingly play along....and that makes me happy.

The beautiful Green Theatre aka Point Loma Assembly lived a happy albeit rainy Saturday afternoon, alive with Czech and American music delivered by Poe Street Band, with a mini-play about Chinese names, a Czech folk songs, poems and mainly LOTS of contests. Those kids love and know how to play! They delve into the game with such a vigor, it is beautiful to observe.

And thus we filled the first May Saturday afternoon with creativity, art and good old friendships and the vibes were so good, so good! Thank you all who came and brought such a great mood!!

And I wonder about the beauty of life... I, the Central European, spent an afternoon in a West coast city of America, in a small historical theater playing with Czech and American children, presenting music ad fun brought from the Old World to this wonderful new one.

One just feels lucky and wonders about the intricacies of the world and life.

P.S. None of this I could do if I did not have a small group of faithful friends who are tuned on the same feel-wave and come along with me to help. They know, they know well who they are! And if they do not know: Jana Fiserova, Tana Majkova, Tomas Majek, Pavel Chvistek, Ambroz Kruty, Edita Semiginovska, Eva Lovecka, Vera Hall, Jana Connor, Petra Popova, sweet Sydney Hall....and my family!!!

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