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Not only Stradivarius used the Wood of the Trees in which Nightingales Sang: Pavel Šporcl with his B

When Stradivari died in 1737, the art of the violin making was accomplished, brought to its perfection. Except for the tiny adjustments, the foundation of the violin making was not touched. And that fascinates me and millions of others. We still wonder about the Stradivarius' technique, his three step varnish, his choice of wood.....His instruments go for millions and we gasp when we hear one. Perhaps Niccolo Paganini was correct in his assessments that Stradivarius would use only the wood of trees in which nightingales sang.

But what about the elegant slender blue violin? It is a violin made from about 50 year old wood, a violin that does get some adjustment by its Czech maker, Jan B. Špidlen. He made that blue violin with shorter corners, narrower and thinner ribs, bigger sound holes, inset plumb into the scroll, all to enhance the sound. The finger board has carbon fiber for durability and the blue varnish, still showing the beauty of the wood (maple from Bosnia and spruce from Dolomites), is a landmark of this still traditional yet modern in its adjustments violin.

The blue violin was commissioned by a Czech accomplished violinist in 2005 and since than its owner, PAVEL ŠPORCL, makes it sing in a beautiful voice a violin can produce. It stands out, it brings admirable looks, it enrages the purist, it provokes assessment of a cheap trick, but it was all what Pavel expected. He purposely wanted the violin stand out against the convention and tradition.

The reason is simple: Pavel loves classical music and has passion to share its excitement, but has been observing from childhood that in many cases the way how music is presented takes a stuffy, unexciting, unappealing approach. Yet there is so much opportunity to make this art approachable with each classical piece having a fascinating story of its genesis & exciting content, absolute or narrative. Only to find an exuberant moderator who grasp the audience with his passion, knowledge and a knack to make the "long hair overwhelming music" alive. And it is what Pavel does and he does it well in his effective pleasant yet unorthodox way, attracting many youngsters to classical music as well as pleasing connoisseurs. And he is well equipped for it: his charismatic nature, pleasant cultivated moderating skills, deep knowledge and especially understanding of the audience. Often he leaves at home his tuxedo and esoteric language, prepares an unassuming narration, here and there plays with a hat or a scarf on his head, he talks, he flashes his blue violin, closes his eyes and shares the music. His interpretation makes the music blossom with each motive, each phrase, each movement and his augmented sense for the melodies and his audience nags on every atom of our soul. His is the ability to transfer his music fascination to the audience as he treats the classical music with conviction: it is without saying that YOU will LOVE classical music. And thus he wakes up in his listeners new emotions, new appreciations, joys and desires to listen to more.

Pavel Šporcl's rare talent was recognized when he was a small child and from his first teacher, Ladislav Havel in an afternoon music art school in České Budějovice, where he was born in 1973, he continued to the conservatory, then to the Academy of Music (teacher Vaclav Snitil), to the Brooklyn College in USA (one of his teachers was Itzhak Perlman), and Jullliard.

His performing and recording endevour (he recorded endless CD's) is outstanding, reflecting his utmost diligence and a constant challenge. Just as an example that fascinates me: the gargantuan task of recording the entire Sonatas and Partitas for the Solo Violin by Bach, two and half hours of his solo that has not been recorded in the Czech Republic for 45 years; then comes a full Dvorak's violin repertoire; Paganini opus; Baroque concertos; gypsy music, Piazzola pieces, number of famous or newly found Czech composers, his own compositions ....

Next to his duties as a performer, he also lives a life of an involved interested person in others' people lives. He supports the young talents as an Artistic Director of an almost 60 years old prestigious and unique competition, the Kocian's Competition for the Violinists under the Age 16; he supports and is actively involved in the Center for Foster Parenting in the Czech Republic, he was appointed a Good Will Ambassador for promoting culture and art in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary an Japan, he is a patron of festivals and happenings many of which he helps to shape and promote...for all of his relentless effort Pavel received in 2015 a state medal "Honor for a Merit" for his contribution toward the betterment, support and active input on the field of arts and culture in the Czech Republic.

I cannot be happier to have the opportunity to introduce right here in my neighborhood to the American audience such a fun, accomplished, enthusiastic compatriots.

I hope that many will join me and will enjoy the sweet sound of his blue violin. I know that the wood his violin is made from did not have only nightingales singing on its branches. I know that many young women and men had been coming by the maple and spruce for years, sitting by the trunks and singing to each other the most beautiful songs; songs that were happy and longing and vivacious.

Saturday, October 7, 2017, 7.30 PM, Point Loma Assembly, 3035 Talbot, San Diego, 92106 $22/$27 call to reserve (619) 788-7428

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