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A March To Reclaim Decency

My family went out today to let our thoughts, concerns, worries out. And to celebrate democracy.

I marched to say that I want America to be kind again. It was kind to me. It was kind to my husband.

We are immigrants who came with nothing but our dreams. This kind and welcoming country cheered us on to make our dream reality. To some it may sound cliche, but it is our true and happy story.

We marched for DACA, for El Salvador, for Haiti, for Nicaragua, for all the immigrants who came with their heads down only to pay back with hard work. We marched for women, for scientists, for teachers, for public schools, for the victims of the arrogance of the powerful.

We marched to show our children that the only way toward the true democracy is to be informed, to vote and to raise a head if their values and morality is compromised.

We marched for the decency, civility, vision, charisma, kindness and goodwill to be reclaimed in the White House, and every house. We marched to object name calling, finger-pointing, vulgarity and elitism in the politics and elsewhere. We marched to express a sentiment for a moral, charismatic, sophisticated, well-educated, well-informed, even handed, wise leadership with lots of love for all humanity.

We marched to help turn a direction of this coutry back where it always strived to be: A guardian of good will, morality and decency.

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