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This is me... 

I was born and raised in the Czech Republic and I made a choice to live in this intriguing part of the world. It offers me an opportunity to live a happy life of an inspired foreigner, who does not feel often lost in translation.

I am a teacher at heart, with expertise in music & humanities, and my passion is to stand in front of my students, small or big,  and initiate a dialog. Their life stories inspire me, their fresh insight makes me reevaluate, and their sweet presence makes me feel forever young and needed.


My passion for art and travel music, singing, and dancing made me become spontaneously, next to a passionate teacher, also a self-appointed ambassador of culture. I connect people with cultural offers to local productions, trips to Los Angeles or trips abroad. I enjoy producing educational and entertaining events along with concerts and exhibitions featuring local or international talent.


It is art and culture that bring people together. To enable others to experience it with me is my passion, joy, and inspiration.

I pretend people read my blog....

 I enjoy art, history, and architecture and I love to write down my thoughts about what I experience. And I love to pretend people will read it! If I will hear an applause acknowledging my effort I will bow humbly and celebrate with a glass of Bohemian champagne; if there is no applause heard, I will enjoy my writing anyway as it serves me as an epilogue to each of my exploration. 


My enthusiasm to share the beauty of culture made me establish my cultural writings confined in this modest blog.  

Enjoy and offer me your own inspirations!  

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