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My Happy Hours with Muses

My happy hours come on Fridays, late afternoons, when twelve to fourteen pairs of little feet come to my house ready to dance, step, march, stamp, tip toe or rest under the heavy wooden table while the little hands are creating. They are led by the Muses, clad in long pale blue shawls, white summer skirts and golden shoes. With ease the Muses whisk the children into the realm of fantasy and imagination. (I call the muses often, baking for them white lady fingers cookies sprinkled with vanilla and pink powdered sugar.)

I love the time spent around the oversized wooden heavy table; I enjoy the tilted heads of my little arrists, I enjoy the slightly stuct out tongues forgotten out by the concentration.

When we create, a magic happens: I suggest, and the children deliver; I point to the direction, and they wait for me at the finish line, I draw a grey picture, and they flesh it out in the most imaginative colors.

Often we sing while creating. I may bring on a tambourine or flute to tease the fun. I may say a story with a magic end. I may divide among us a chocolate to keep the Muses around.

These Fridays are my private happy hours celebrating my luck to have an opportunity to get inspiration along these creative creatures!!

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