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Donald Trump on Poe Street in Point Loma

He is charmed by my accent so similar to his first wife Ivana, whom he snatched from the international forum like a hot cake. The Czech beauty became his, and he loved her. And so, this accent l greet him with, perhaps evokes the those memories and his smile widens.

I enjoy his complimenting my beauty. He does it so well and I know he is sincere: he loves women. Then comes our house with books everywhere, and he asks — "Have you read all of those books?" And when I say "yes", he asks further — "Are they all in English?" And I reply, "Mostly". "Impressive", he says with several nods of his head. And I know he means it. And to the food — "Wow, where did you get all of that great meat, oh, sauerkraut, I love sauerkraut! Did you make it? Did you bake this giant loaf of bread?"

And it continues like this, he is, as I know he would be, a charming, truly charming guest. He goes at ease from one person to the other, shakes their hands and I catch snippets of his talk like — "Oh no, call me Donald", and then, "Love Prague, what a city, absolutely phenomenal " and "Oh, that is interesting, restoration of antiques, I have some chips on mine; maybe I can hire you", and laughter emerges, good mood is in. Donald Trump becomes the life of a party. He makes everyone feel comfortable and the case of champagne he brought, a proof of his unpretentious generosity, is so very delicious.

And when our Poe Street Band starts the music, of course, Donald jumps to his feet, takes to his arms the oldest yet still gorgeous woman, yes, he knows what to do, how to please, how to charm, how to fit in and how to be liked. When the music is wilder he makes more decisive moves, changes partners and his hair starts bobbing up and down, he smiles to the crowd and shouts with a grin — "Hope the music will slow down or I may lose the time I spent on this hair of mine " and he laughs along with everyone around and I see how people nod as I do, thinking, along with everyone else, how much fun Donald Trump is!

We talk sports, travel, food, wines, children, women and more women — "Oh, there is not an ugly woman out there, whatever you say, I am telling you, there is not an ugly woman out there. I mean yes, some are more attractive than others. I was lucky to just fall in love with the more attractive, and I do not understand why they chose me, just look at me, (and grins) but no, all women are gorgeous, just look at you, can you all just look around at these models? Are you all models or what? You know, this fuss about how to call the plus size, curve size, tall and big size who cares, who do you think cares. We love you all, isn’t true gentlemen? We just love you all!"

And we love Donald back, he even pulls off some Czech phrases he remembers and that is charming, his accent is cute, his stories from travels hilarious (like when he forgot his passport in the hotel and could not believe no one at the airport in Seattle knew who he was!) He knows how to capture your attention. After all, some people tattooed his name all over their body.

And as I wander with a glass of champagne toward our tree house, I climb in to have a nice view of everyone, and here I muse... how all of us at this fun Christmassy party enjoy democracy, including me.

I can travel freely, scream at the top of my lungs what I want, do as I please or protest against what I please, no limits there… and I enjoy these luxuries , I really do! And to keep this by our side it takes an open mind, good inspirational fascinating debates and education. To cherish this beauty of "free and happy" we are to abound with dignity and humility, respect and compassion, a knack to listen, consider, analyze and a knack to see beyond the tip of our own nose.

I enjoyed my time with Donald, as he urged me to call him, tremendously. It was fun, and it was invigorating. And what a dancer he is!

I wish he owned the large liquor store at he corner of Roseville and Spalding Street, the one that would sell all of those European and Asian goodies, the one that would have always people in by the delicious deli counter, by the coolers with unusual soda drinks, the one where there is always laughter and a great contagious fun atmosphere. He would be a perfect proprietor there as he would induce all that fun. The entire neighborhood would know about him and come in regularly. He would not only have the best recommendation for your wine or champagne, and endless stories, but right there he would share with you his political views and he would advise how to fix things in the world.

And in that famous liquor store, with joy and a great vigor, I would happily argue with him about politics. The store would be a perfect forum for him and I know that upon my leaving, even after our fierce heated fight on politics, he would wink at me and say, See you soon, Beauty, don't get too lost in that New York Times of yours! And I know these visits to this liquor store would make my day as he, the wonderful proprietor and savvy enterpreneur, will stay contained there, just right there, so I can stop by any time.

The story is a work of fiction. Characters and incidents are the products of the author's (wild) imagination.

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