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Let us Dance one Afternoon up! Carnival in Balboa Park for your "We Love to Have Fun" fami

Hurry! Soon you are to charm us with your costume! We want you to be delightful in the parade, happy on the dance floor, smart at the games, cute when learning new dances, competitive at our contests, creative at a craft table, lucky at the raffle!

I love to throw a costume party for children as allowing them to be someone else offers wonders: They explore all of the imagination there is within the new character and if you take them seriously in their new character, they take upon themselve a realm of such a fantasy that you are blown away! Children will leap into the world of make-believe with great urgency and touching enthusiasm!

We live in the world, where attractive but also deceitful toys rule childhood of many children. There are many studies against and pro; children may have shorter attention span, do not know how to communicate in person, but on the other hand they are excellent at researching, they aquired a great aptitute for finding the right words (trained from the key-words), and they multitask wonderfully , etc.

It will be the passage of the time that will answer the benefit or shortcomings the new media will bring to the newest generation. But, there is no argument, that many children prefer virtual world over the real one. And that poses a big problem! And so, we are screaming: REAL LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! And we offer to you our VERY REAL celebration of the beauty of creativity, dancing, singing, competing, and eating good food! Especially then we invite you to celebrate a connection face to face!

Join us, everyone is welcome and without you it would not be fun!!

Live music, contests, games, prizes, raffles, good food, sweets, drinks and ambince of Balboa Park is unique!

Cover charge $5.

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