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Chamber Music Celebrating W. A. Mozart will Make your Ordinary Saturday an Extraordinary One; George

The city of Saltzburg is one of those cozy Austrian town surrounded by mountains where its narrow cobble streets are weaved through unexpectedly, lined by enticing small shops: ice-cream parlors, bakeries, sweets shops, pubs, linen shops.... 260 years ago, in 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born here, an extraordinary child with talent bigger than anyone could and can comprehend. At four he told musicians they were off key, at five he excelled on clavier, at six he started composing and went on his first European tour. He met every important composer of his time. The whole world talked about Mozart, a child prodigy. Several years later the whole world talked about Mozart, the composer.

He died at 35 leaving behind a vast opus counting over 650 compositions. He revolutionized opera, introduced the beauty of clarinet as a solo instrument, made a piano concerto into a complex challenging task, wrote over 40 symphonies each with a memorable themes, and much more.

The Czech filmmaker Milos Forman expressed excellently his admiration for Mozart in his opus Amadeus.

Join us in celebrating Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart breathtaking legacy. We will enjoy his music, and music of other composers, performed by wonderful accomplished musicians:

George Svoboda guitar,

Franklin Au String Quartet:

Richard Conviser violin

Eva Rose, violin

Franklin Au,viola

Janet White, cello

Such music interpreted by such musicians will do for a beautiful Saturday September evening! Join us!

Point Loma Assembly, 3035 Talbot St., SD 92106, doors open at 7 PM, $15, European sweets, appetizers, wine. INFO AT: 619-788-7428

Charming, so charming!

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