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Our Summer Concert is Dubbed a Farewell to Anna Skálová!

Czech Republic is as big as one third of California. There are only 10 million Czechs living there. It means there are only 3% of Czechs in the world compare to the Americans. No wonder we are overjoyed when we gather medals at the Olympics or offer to the world inventions as are soft contact lenses, fingerprinting, blood types, light arc, theory of cells, sugar cubes, the best beer....and beautiful women! :) And so, when we, expats living in America, meet an exceptional Czechs who made for our country a sound name, we celebrate him, we celebrate her!!

Anna Skálová, whom we call Anička, is one of them. She grew up in a small town in the Czech Republic where she attended an after school music school to learn violin. Anička turned 17 when she came to USA to pursuit musical studies, and since has charmed many with her unusual gift of her musicality and pleasant fun unassuming presence. Getting her degree at the University of Michigan, she won audition (two positions were offered, 162 violinist applied, Anička won one of them) at the San Diego symphony. Today, at the age of 27 and after five years in SD Symphony, she decided to try her luck on a different continent and applied for a position at Sydney symphony in Australia. After hard work and several trips there to test the waters, she won that audition and will start the mid 2017 season in Australia. And we admire her courage, perseverance, diligence and her talent and fine (Czech) musicality. WOW! There is nothing more encouraging than seeing international talent flying from place to place to enrich our common international culture that knows no walls or borders.

Farewell to Anna Skalova is a subtitle of our summer concert that offers next to Anna Skalova two accomplished musicians:

Caterina Longhi on viola; a graduate of Julliard, member of the San Diego Symphony since 2015. Caterina was a recipient of the New York Viola Society’s Rosemary Glyde Scholarship that secured a full tuition scholarships for the Juilliard study. Prior to moving to San Diego, Caterina Longhi was a member of the New Haven Symphony Orchestra and served as principal viola with The Juilliard Orchestra, New Juilliard Ensemble, Verbier Festival Orchestra, Spoleto Festival USA and Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.

Andrew Hayhurts on cello; graduate of the Yale School of Music, member of San Digeo Symphony since 2015. After graduating from the Yale School of Music, Mr. Hayhurst performed regularly with the Los Angeles Opera and Los Angeles Philharmonic, including their 2015 Asia tour with Gustavo Dudamel. He also recorded in many of Hollywood’s major studios and was the Associate Principal Cello of the San Bernardino Symphony.

Join us for their vibrant and inspiring performance, do not let that musical fun slip from your summer engagements! Pastries, appetizers, wine, beer is ready for your enjoyment!

July 21, 2017, Friday, doors open at 7 PM. Point Loma Assembly 3035 Talbot, San Diego 92106

Tickets in advanced $18, at the door $23, call 619-788-7428,


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