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Fancy Sandy Artsy Pieces Turned the Mission Beach into an Art Beach Gallery!

Nine teams, nine shovels, nine buckets, nine creative imaginative ideas, nine beautiful sculptures along with endless pairs of little and big hands, gems from the ocean as a decoration and smiles, shrieks, claps, chats and a beautiful California sun made the south Mission Beach the most wonderful spot for this Sunday afternoon happy happening!

Two intense hours from 2.15 to 4.15 turned the restless

children into the best art apprentices to their parents, the master-sculpturols. It was a joy to watch how that shoveled pile of sand became, thanks to the creativity and imagination, a beautiful sand beauty. To see parents and children creating in unison, harmony and joy, is the most satisfying sight for the involved as well as the onlookers. And that was our mission and I think we accomplished it with the flying colors!! BRAVO PARENTS!

It has been 14 years since we have been gathering for a castle competition so far always held at the Imperial Beach that is generous in both: its romantic beauty and vast space. This year we apt for more centrally located south Mission Bay and WE LOVED IT! Perfect parking, gorgeous wide beach with great vistas, malleable perfect sand and a fun interested passerby's who came to admire our creativity!!

And if you were one of those beach tan onlookers, this is what you would see: A tall pole with a Czech flag, nice tempting prizes for the winners underneath it, a Czech cake for the weary, and about forty competitor busy working, in the open air gallery, while others played volleyball, some were cheering the artists, others sunbathing, snacking, paddle barding, surfing, all waiting for the pieces to be polished and presented!

The time is up and the judges are to judge, a tough TOUGH task - Judging was done by three criteria: Unique idea, creativity and execution. How hard it was to decide!!! I am glad I was not the judge! Without trying "to please" everyone with a prize, we had to decide who is the best! And we did. But art is subjective and I think that everyone agreed that each, truly each creation showed sincere effort to do the best and each offered a great deal of inspiration. And that is what matters!

And the winners are:

1. place a team "Princess" (Semiginivsky/Kapicka family).

2. place a team "Butterflies" (Frick & comp. family)

3. place a "Dream Team" (Hanc/Zoe family)

Honorabel mentions:

Team "Moran's Lucky Seven" (Moran's family)

Team "Gepards" (Svoboda famiy)

Team "Kocicaci" (Pop family)

Team "Clear Water" (Hall three generation family)

Team "Fortress" (Capkova/Fisher family)

Team "The Island of Cebu" (Lubos Bic large family)

So long for the next year! Start chasing inspiration for the best community sand creation in 2018!

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