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The Joy to be Together/Dancing Queens & The Poe Street Band

It was a rainy Friday, but the sunshine was bright in the Hall of Nation where the Dancing Queens and the Poe Street Band hit the floor only to make it filled with the dancers.

We are on earth to do good. To change thing for better. To bring in joy, happiness and some inspiration.

We are not revolutionaries, politicians or philosophers to do that but we try to do good in a different role: As volunteers enthusiasts who prepare an entertainment for those interested with hopes they wil enjoy it!

And so I am a part of the Poe Street Band and the Dancing Queens. We put together shows to share our joy from dancing, music and friendships. We have one mission: to bring some instanteneous joy, some fun, and we offer a place where people meet new people or old friends meet again; we try to send out good vibes toward the crowd and make people feel welcome and cared for. And with that in mind we prepared the dancing party for November 30!

We cooked a great meal of pork roast, dumplings and sauerkraut (thank you Jan Fiserova & Vlada Hanc), we baked traditional cakes in a caramel and chocolate flavor; we prepared an elegant raffle, put yellow flowers on the red tables, staffed our bar with a handsome stylish barman (thank you, Jan Uher) offering tap Pisner Urquell and other popular drinks...Then we prepared some contests for children and adults along with fun trivia....Mainly then we rehearsed with the Band songs that make people sing or dance and finally, we had those beautiful bubbly happy Dancing Queens to dance!!

It was a beautiful evening as we chose the best audience that was easy to be entertained, easy to find a dance step, easy to laugh, easy to reward us with a loud clapping! The Dancing Queens seemed to steal the show, but the Band, food, raffle and such were very close behind!!

We threw this party with hopes to entice those happy joyful feelings to dwell that Friday evening in the Hall of Nation and then leave with everyone home. We are glad it was in the historical Hall of Nation, designated for nations to meet and have fun together as one. And we appreciated all of the people who entrusted us with their time, and we tried our hardest and happiest to make that time worthwhile. It is our hope we did not fail!

And on behalf of the Dancing Queens and the Poe Street Band we say: We love you San Diego and we will be back!!!

Thank you all who made this evening happen!!!


And now some of the Trivia questions we asked at the party: Would you win a free drink?

How long is the Panama Canal & what the Canal has to do with San DIego

What was the key to the American success in the building of the Panama Canal and why the French failed

How long is the Suez Canal & when was opened & who built it

What famous person was involved in the building of the Suez Canal

And a sample for the questios of 100th anniversary of the end of WWI:

Who was Mata Hari

What was the name of the Archduke who was assassinated in Sarajevo in June 1914? Why? Who did it?

What was the only country not involved in WWI?

When USA joined the war & under what President & who was the main USA general?