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South Mission Beach Turned into A Gallery/ Czech-Slovak-American Sculpting Competition 2019!

Our annual Czech-Slovak-American Sculpting Competition 2019 became a popular happy affair with handsome creative competitors and happy astonished onlookers! Our volleyball team also added beautifully to the backdrop of the afternoon! And the South Mission Beach? That was transformed into a beautiful sand sculptures gallery dotted with eight masterpieces! To look over the beach, I just beamed, and this is why!

The creativity had no end, but what was truly astonishing, how small and big hands were working for 140 minutes without respite, sweating while digging, sculpting, smoothing, modeling.... there is nothing more valuable than to see parents, their children and various guests approach our competition with the most seriousness. Just imagine! Teams came with home made props, drawn plans, unusual tools and unique ideas. Nothing like to see the wholehearted happy determine teams to give the best out there just for the fun of it.

And here is the summary:

Fifteen families, eight sculpting teams, one wondrous volleyball team. The tools

counted a dozen of large shovels, several dozen of small shovels, unlimited number of buckets, rakes, smoothers, cookie cutters, brushes and such. That is called determination that I value and celebrate!!!

We are born to this beautiful world to do several things, one of them is to connect. And for obvious reasons! Because together we can live up a day better than alone. Because to be together is what we are wired for. I am happy we connected today with new ones to our gatherings and reconnected with those we knew from before or who became our friends. There is nothing like collective joy on the beach! And to sit on the sand, observe the beautiful ocean while sipping California red, overlooking the great creations on the beach we left behind — that is my type of Sunday afternoon!

To judge the sand beauties was hard. But even though we live in a land where everyone gets trophy and all are winners :), we went with three prizes and honorable mentions. The count of the points (creativity, execution and unique idea) was equal for two teams so we had to award two second places and omit the third place. And the winner? That was not just a choice of the professional judges (!), but unanimous popular vote. "Ještěd" simply stole the show!

And the winners are: CONGRATULATIONS!!!

1. place:. "Ještěd". Family Semiginovska-Kapicka and a guest

2. place: "Hrušky" family Fisher/Capek and guests "Zelva ve vulkanickem poli"

2. place: "Šmidlici" family Trubac/Silhar and other two families. "Colloseum"

Honorary Mentions:

"Sea Creatures" family Pop. "Chobotnice"

"Castle Queen" family Alliamus. "Kralovsky hrad"

"Horacio" family Horakovi. "Hrad u oceanu"

"Sand Kingdom" family Moran and a guest family. "Hrad u oceanu"

"Egyptians" special honorable mention to a family of organizers who always compete in "unjudged" category, but with unseen vigor: family Hanc "Pyramida"

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