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To Freedom with my Midnight Glass of Champagne!

The best November 9th in my entire life was the one 30 years ago today.

The Wall, that wall that was a scar on the city of Berlin, fell. The city became one. Germany became one. Freedom spilled into Eastern Europe after long 41 years of its absence.

The wish of the American President Ronald Reagan expressed on June 12 in 1987 to Michail Gorbacev was fulfilled.

“Mr. Gorbacev, tear down the wall”, may have been the most moving speech. I have listen to all of those 24 minutes many times and it moved me then and moves me today. Especially the first half.

What President Reagan did in that speech and what he stood by was remarkable. It made me even forget for a while those things of his presidency that I did not agree with.

He offered such a doze of hope that I knew things will change and change for good. That speech was full of charisma, genuine solidarity and sincere feel for us who were behind the iron curtain. It was America in its best proudly presenting its thoughts in front of the Brandenburg Gates. America as a moral power, America that promises protection to the weaker, good will to the equal, and strong hand to the oppressors.

My country was ready for her own fight that started 8 days after freedom reached East Germany. I was right there in the midst of it. But that is for a different story.

And now: To Freedom with my midnight cup of Champagne!

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