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Some events were not posted as separate blogs but were still equally inspiring, important, entertaining! Here it is!

Tomas Bezdeda, Tomas Majek

Beautiful concert of Bronze Superstar Slovakia from 2005, Tomas Bezdeda, November 29, 2015 in Navajo Live Bar.

Poe Street Band with Tomas Bezdeda

Local Poe Street Band members with Slovakian star happy to support his performance

Tomas Bezdeda, Slovakia, Tomas Majek

Tomas Majek, Poe Street Band member, humbled by being asked to accompany Tomas Bezdeda. He did an excellent job!

Several beauties with the star

Beauties from the crowd in a photo with the star!

Stefan Talian, Tomas Bezdeda

Two artists: Stefan Talian, fine art; Tomas Bezdeda, singer

Marusak's with Tomas Bezdeda

Slovakian supporters, Iveta and Michal Marusak

Anna Hradsky with Tomas Bezdeda

Happy birthday to our performer! With Anna Hradsky

2005 Bronze recipient of Slovakia Superstar TOMAS BEZDEDA performed for the Czech and Slovak expats in San Diego in Navajo Live bar. He is an excelnet interpreter, but the most striking feature is his humility and modesty. Beutiful evening! Watch a sample of Bezdeda's music!


Jing Yan Boycott and Anna Skalova
Poe Street Band, Christiaan Nazarian
Folk Dancing Group Karicka
A children group Slunicko
Anka Hradsky
Jing Yan and Anna Skalova
A group pic Sand Castle
sand castle summer day
Czech&Slovak Sand Castle Competition
Fantasy Castle
Ceremony at Sand Castles
Czech castle
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